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This Captain America mix of ultraviolent anime and comedy is probably the weirdest Lego video to ever feature a Marvel superhero.   It definitely sets a record for the most Lego beheadings, gougings, amputations and simulated blood splatters.  Noted Star Wars, Nazi and Mafia  characters make  liberal cameos.  It is one of those love it or hate it kind of things.  It is over the top glorious in my book.  Let me know what you think!.

The soon to open Making of Harry Potter Studio tour which takes place in two vast Warner Brothers sound studios on the Leavesden Studios lot, about 20 miles northwest of London, where the Harry Potter movies were filmed features actual sets, props and costumes from the series. Among the sets are the Gryffindor boys dormitory, the Great Hall and Dumbledore’s office. The props feature innumerable creäture casts from the film, the double-decker buses and Harry Potter’s original Hogwarts acceptance letter. The mostly self guided tour is hosted by character greeters who played small roles in the films. The tour costs are £28 for adults and £21 ($43.50 and $32.60, at $1.55 to the pound) for children and must be bought in advance. For more information, visit  For more pictures of the tour click the link here:  The New York Times slide show.

Every once in a while there comes a trailer that is so nicely done that it qualifies as a work of art.  I am glad to report that the coming attraction feature above is not one of those.  It however is an ingenious Lego parody of the Dark Knight Rises trailer from the folks at Paranickfilmz who also gave the world Danish modular brick parodies of Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter.  To see how uncanny a satire this is compare it with the official trailer below.   Enjoy folks.

Anyone who has watched a hockey game knows its 70% skill and 30% payback.  Goon revels in those 30% brutally good enough to dish out puck justice by lifting Seann William Scott’s Doug Glatt to a modest Rocky Balboa level.   The Apollo creed here  is  a fellow hockey goon at the end of his game and nearing retirement,  played by Liev Schrieber with the stoic repose of a warrior    Alison Pill does the Adrian role  with the requisite amount of weariness and yielding devotion.  The one low point,  Jay Baruchel’s annoying nonstop nattering and f-bombing as the best friend and hockey philosopher.  The hockey violence is so stylized and over the top that it functions as comic counterpoint.       The glorious mêlée between Scott and Schrieber is worth the price of two movie tickets and two rink level seats.  Goon gets a B+.


Apparently a little heckling at a Knicks game and a lot of backlash from the conservative media and outraged tweeters has made Spike Lee remorseful.  Congratulations Spike on doing the right thing.  The 140 mea culpa posted on twitter is above.   Next time count to ten and check your facts before you tweet on impulse.

Harvey Weinstein produced a documentary that he thought every bully and bullied kid in America ought to see. “Bully” showed both sides talking openly, honestly and frankly about the subject– honestly enough for the MPAA to give it an R, the kiss of death for a teen marketed film. Weinstein protested and a large contingent of Hollywood’s mightiest signed petitions and voiced their outrage but the MPAA refused to budge. So Weinstein picked up his little film and ran home crying “I will release Bully without a rating.” Daddy MPAA didn’t budge and even enlisted the mommy forum PTC, Parents Television Council, leaving poor Harvey with no video or TV as punishment. So now it is up to the poor grandparents in this squabble, the theater owners, to decide this custody fight– with some candy, a pat on the head and every kid welcome or a sorry sonny your mommy may or may not be always right but I will follow what they want. Who knew not going to the movies could be so fun?

Spike Lee ‘s outrage over the Trayvon Martin shooting is understandable , but his stony unapologetic silence for a retweet giving an incorrect address to Martin’s shooter George Zimmerman is not. The Zimmerman referenced in Lee’s tweet was a William George Zimmerman, 48, who once lived in the house (according to an old voter record that dates to 1995) along with his mother and current house resident Elaine McClain who once married a man named Zimmerman– not the 28-year-old George Michael Zimmerman responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death. A one Marcus Higgins wrote the original tweet with the mistaken address broadcasted out to Lee and other celebrities. Elaine McClain and her husband have since fled their home after being bombarded with threatening phone calls and one ominous envelope with a handwritten “Taste the Rainbow” written on it, a reference to the Skittle slogan, the candy Trayvon Martin was eating. If Geraldo Rivera could apologize for his “hoody” comment why not Spike Lee? Be a good man and do the right thing Spike — apologize.