Now You Can Become a Jedi Master

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Movies

Michael Flynn has been training Jedi masters at the New York Jedi Club located at eighth avenue in Midtown Manhattan since 2005. “They come in geeks and go out Jedi warriors,” said Flynn to New York Times reporter Corey Kilgannon. Drawing on a spiritual discipline that mixes dance, martial arts, sword fighting, Tibetan Buddhism and countless viewings of every Star Wars movie, Flynn teaches his Padawans how to use the force to navigate the mean streets of New York. “It’s more than just dancing around with a glow stick,” he said to Kilgannon, “Your mind has to be one with your body when you’re swinging these things.” The light sabers are polycarbonate tubes illuminated by a light in the handle and can cost from $100 to $5000. When they are not fighting the encroachments of the Evil Empire the New York Jedi Club performs at comic conventions, Star Wars events and kids birthday parties.

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