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The dominant red and black lets the white stand out more– the dove and globe especially. The title is intentionally ironic: it is a documentary about how liberal activists have responded to the conservative swing of the last 30 years.
Monsters University:  where the students are animals and have a reason to run wild.
Monsters University: The real animal house.
The Babymakers: Stop them before they conceive something truly stupid.
Much Ado About Nothing: No superheroes. No Cabin in the Woods. Who would want to see it? The other 40% percent who haven’t seen The Avengers. Finally, maybe something good not based on a graphic novel or comic.
The Baytown Outlaws: What all those stupid Expendable 2 posters really should have looked like. So perfectly retro.
Shadow Dancer: Notice he works for MI5 and not MI6. Is this the division for all those actors who auditioned for but never got the role of Bond?

Guillotines?: Where are all the heads and the head loppings?

Nice poster. About as cool as a blast of sand.

Love the balance between need and comfort, between caress and hug, between caring and really loving.

Another teen witch for the tweens.

I love the heirlooms of life and death studded in the branches of this neck art sheet.
The restless mind in the big apple.
I love how international posters are able to get away with the simplest and at times most symbolic designs while the American sheets need to literalize each detail.

On November 30th, Guzu Gallery’s opening a show called Strange Beasts:  A Tribute to The Japanese Kaiju Phenomenon.  Kaiju” is the Japanese name given to all those giant-ass monsters that used to dominate (no pun intended) Japanese cinema back in the day:  Godzilla, Mothra, MechaGodzilla, and the like. 

  • Strange Beast by Tim Doyle
  • 24×36” screenprint

  • Mecha-Pufnstuff by Jesse Phillips
  • Based on H.R. Pufnstuff
  • 18×24” screenprint

  • The Spaceman From Nebula M78 by Eric and Vincent Torres
  • Based on Ultraman
  • 24×36”

There is an Andy Warhol homage happening here, an obvious penis joke, plus a classic banana peel skit.
Love the sexual suggestion, the Rolling Stones homage.

Beside being a penis symbol, it smacks of baby plot revelations.

Another penis symbol that woman apply to their face every day.


And now for a vagina symbol.
If your dying to do Letterman just go to a taping.

Great cover for a video game but confusing for a movie poster.
The children of Katniss and Jason Bourne finally get their own weird little movie.
The Tavianis + Shakespeare + Julius Caesar + Mafia = some kind of great Italian film I want to see.