Poster Board: Bottleneck Gallery’s THE GANG’S ALL HERE Preview Images from the New York City show this Friday

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Movies

  • Watchmen by Anthony Petrie
  • The pic on the left is what the print looks like with the lights on…
  • …while the pic on the right shows off the print’s Glow-in-The-Dark layer
  • Holy shit

  • The Breakfast Club by Cuyler Smith
  • Set of 5 posters, each based on one of the film’s five leads
  • This is what the set would look like, side-by-side…

  • Stand By Me by Clint Wilson

  • The Dark Crystal by Godmachine
  • (head explodes)

  • Toy Story by Hillary White
  • Guaranteed to inspire nightmares in your child’s bedroom within 24 hrs of hanging

  • Super Troopers by Ian Glaubinger

  • Hook by Jason Liwag
  • Copies of this print have been signed by the dude who played Rufio
  • No, really

  • A Clockwork Orange by Jay Shaw

  • A Game of Thrones by JP Valderama

  • The Wizard of Oz by Laurent Durieux
  • The orange-tinted version is the regular,
  • The other one’s the variant
  • (Bottleneck requested we set the record straight on that point; don’t believe otherwise)
  • The Simpsons by Kyle McCoy
  • Better start clearing some wall space; this thing is enormous
  • That’s 140,000 beads you’re looking at, Chuckles:  what’d you do today?

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