Trailer Park: Over 21 and mostly getting a hangover; ABC’s of death– 26 ways to die and none of them funny; Mortal Instruments– Another Twi-Pot wannabee comes to the screen; Admission meet in the ultimate meet cute comedy; Now You See Me– Jesse Eisenbergs cons the cons to give back to the greater good; The Heat Bullock-McCarthy do female buddy comedy

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Movies

Over 21:  What you get when you mix the writers of The Hangover with 21, college kids, booze, girls and partying.  The same teen, booze, sex and college we have all seen before.

The ABC’s of death: 26 unknown directors do 26 ways of dieing.  Unfortunately boredom and death of inspiration is not among them.  Looks like something strictly for the gore-hound fans.  Here is the 26 ways according to IMDB:  Apocalypse, Bigfoot, Cycle, Dog Fight, Exterminate, Fart, Gravity, Hydro-Electric diffusion, Ingrown, Jidai Geki, Klutz, Libido, Miscarriage, Nuptials, Orgasm, Pressure, Quack, Removed, Speed, Toilet, Unearthed, Vagitus, WTF, XXL, Young Buck, Zetsumetsu.

Mortal Instrument: City of Bones:  The next in line for Twilight, Harry Potter wannabe franchise. I hate when nice posters are let down by their movies.

Admission:  Paul Rudd, Tina Fey, directors of About a Boy, son you didn’t know about, son you want to know about, and two parents clueless to understanding them equals the meet cute comedy of early next year.

Now You See Me:  Jesse Eisenberg and a cast of seasoned pros use stage magic to take hustle money from the hucksters and give it back to the cons. 

The Heat:  Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock do the female mismatch cop/buddy comedy thing.  The comedy, pardon the pun, looks a little too broad. 



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