Poster Board: Let Fury Have the Hour– The Liberals present their Eden; Monsters University teasers; Babymakers flirts with conception; Much Ado About Nothing– Joss Whedon does Shakespeare; Baytown Outlaws– should have been The Expendables; Shadow Dancer– A notch below 007

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Movies

The dominant red and black lets the white stand out more– the dove and globe especially. The title is intentionally ironic: it is a documentary about how liberal activists have responded to the conservative swing of the last 30 years.
Monsters University:  where the students are animals and have a reason to run wild.
Monsters University: The real animal house.
The Babymakers: Stop them before they conceive something truly stupid.
Much Ado About Nothing: No superheroes. No Cabin in the Woods. Who would want to see it? The other 40% percent who haven’t seen The Avengers. Finally, maybe something good not based on a graphic novel or comic.
The Baytown Outlaws: What all those stupid Expendable 2 posters really should have looked like. So perfectly retro.
Shadow Dancer: Notice he works for MI5 and not MI6. Is this the division for all those actors who auditioned for but never got the role of Bond?

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