The Impossible: Reconnecting to Self in Nature’s Killing Fields

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Movies

Add shuddering airplanes to the list of things and animals such as whining, pacing dogs and whole flocks of birds in frantic flight that can predict natural catastrophes.  The Impossible isn’t about the effects but the search, the universal need to reconnect our soul selves when torn asunder– husband to wife, children to mother and father.  At times,  with the body bags piling up and the corpses floating downstream it plays like the nature version of The Killing Fields.  The need to find and keep family, particularly through the eyes of lost children, lifts The Impossible through moments of overheated coincidences and gives it genuine emotional truth beyond the heartbreak and tragedy that is its dramatic existence.  In the end, it takes whole tribes and nationalities working together, the entire spiritual force of a hungry and aching humanity,  to get The Impossible’s little family  together.  Naomi Watts, as the mom, and the transcendent newcomer Tom Holland, as the older son give director Juan Antonio Bayona the aching reality the movie needs to be a great tear-jerker.  The Impossible gets a B+.

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