Warm Bodies: Reanimating the Brains and Heart of Zombiedom

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Movies

No slogans or cute sayings.  Just the title, the heart and the couple say all that you need to know about Warm Bodies and more.

Warm Bodies is a Zombie love story that manages to keep it heart and brains inside and not inside its stomach.  The plot a cannibalized version of Romeo and Juliette (the star-crossed lovers are the title zombie– played with great charm and stagger by Nicholas Hoult–  who vaguely remembers his former named self started with “R” and Julie– a rather captivating Julie Teresa Palmer playing tough-soft in commando greens– the daughter to the leader of the last surviving human remnant– played by John Malkovich) fleshes out the interior zombie life by adding a wry voice over  that shows these undead as just looking for love in all the wrong places and in all the wrong ways.    With the exception of the “bonies” (the hopelessly despairing dead masses who picked themselves to their skeletal frame) they are more autistic than atavistic.  When love infects them their hearts glow ET-like in their chest.  The whole movie has a sweet engaging charm, that perfectly echoes the soft religious glow of its love story theme and covers up its occasional dead moments.  It even had  me wishing that Hoult and Palmer might reprise their chemistry in the much rumored “Twilight” franchise reboot.   Warm Bodies gets a B+.

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