Mondo’s Vinyl Album Front and Back Covers Poster for Poltergeist Soundtrack; Previews of Hero Complex Gallery’s OSCAR LEGENDS Show

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Movies

Mondo-Vinyl-Poltergeist-Inside-Cover-600x294 Mondo-Vinyl-Poltergeist-Cover-600x312

  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon by Craig Drake

  • RJ Macready by Craig Drake
  • Signed #1 edition screenprint, winnable by attending HCG’s Oscar Legends show

  • Raiders of The Lost Ark by Ale Giorgini

  • Monsters Inc by Bruce Yan
  • Glows in The Dark

  • The Hurt Locker by Cuyler Smith

  • Psycho by Adam Chung

  • Once by Alice Lin

  • Drive by Ben Thomas

  • Annie Hall by Elli Pope

  • Bladerunner by James Rheem Davies

*Chinatown by New Flesh

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