DVD Catch-Up Review: Life of Pi: Catching the Glory

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Movies

HOPE AND FAITH Suraj Sharma tackles wild animals and wild elements in Life of Pi

To capture the unfilmable, the glorious, the intersect where reality crosses with the spirit and becomes faith is the most a filmmaker can hope for– and Ang Lee’s Life of Pi achieves it.  The adventure of boy and tiger in an open boat on a wide wide sea links adventure, life, spirit, the feral and the humane, earth and sky, sea and salt into a story that is everything and nothing, microcosm and macrocosm, essence and spirit, the ultimate expression of yin and yang.   The tiger is a wondrous special special effect so specific, real and feral that it can only exist in the light of our celluloid mind and the echoes of Blake-ian imagination.  Pi travels the path from boy to man, survival to transcendence sucked totally into the God vortex.  The ending falters only because of the human weakness that causes the mind to deny what the heart truly has seen and feel.   3-D exists for this movie to be made.   The Life of Pi gets an A.

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