Jack the Giant Slayer: Never Slay Your Target Demographic

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Movies


Jack the Giant Slayer, the second Nicholas Hoult starring film this year (Warm Bodies had Hoult in a zombie version of Romeo and Juliette) gives Hoult another chance to breathe life into a tired old corpus– the fairy tale hero.  Unfortunately, director Brian Singer is content to let Hoult climb the beanstalk but not shake it– leaving the character of Jack stuck in Grimm plucky, resourceful, good hearted youth mode (and that of his human cast also) while his giant creations run amok with an outsized and over indulgent humanity of their own.   The giants get all the best lines and all the best shots and even get to munch on the occasional over emoting character who royally deserves to be eaten.  They’re mean, slobbery CGI creations, a group of lonely wild things,  stuck in a ostracized upper world in permanent time out until another beanstalk comes their way and they can descend to the lower levels to playfully slay their human creators.  In other words, their video game playing, comic reading teen boys who understand and probably resent the giant comparison– the precise movie ticket buying demographic a director should never slay.   Jack the Giant Slayers gets a B-.

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