Spring Breakers: What Happens When You Don’t Raise Your Daughters To Be Nuns

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Movies


Spring Break films always have girls gone wild, but Spring Breakers features girls who have truly gone to the dark side.  One former Disney ingenue, Selena Gomez playing the aptly named Faith bows out and goes back home, while the other Candy (former Mousketeer Vanessa Hudgens) joins Brit (Ashely Benson) her name echoing Breakers true muse and inspiration and once Mouse good girl gone bad and now rehabilitated-  Brittany Spears- in a killing spree that knocks off both  the black gangsta (rapper Gucci Mane) and white wannabe (James Franco in corn rows and full mouth metal) leaving the white chicks and their bubble gum music triumphant.    It’s the new nihilism for the nothing makes sense anymore generation  that wears irony as a style choice and laughs all the time at the satire they see everywhere.   Director Harmony Korine keeps it arch, and stylishly garish enough for everyone to feel smug about getting it.   Spring Breakers gets a B.

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