Evil Dead: Skipping the Punchline and Going Straight to the Horror

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Movies

Evil-Dead-PosterDespite some transitory moments of Jesus-ness and an appearance of a burning bush, Evil Dead, The Evil Dead remake that drops the “The” hasn’t really found any religion– Satanic or otherwise.   Demonic possession comes, but it is all gynocentric– womb possession by evil tree-lings and great gushes of vaginal blood–, to go along with the baked over possession voices and Linda Blair look.   The amputation effects are truly top-notched disgusting and there are some witty homages to the original involving generators and chain saws, all done straight and dark.  The original cabin in the woods returns sprouting electrical outlets powered by non-existent powers sources whenever the pastiche plot calls for electric knife amputations and bloody light bulb explosions.  Jane Levy (Suburgatory) as the (heroin)e possessee going cold turkey and literally fighting her own demons is the only human grace notes among the comic book sacrifices.  Evil Dead gets a B.

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