Mud: Finding All of Love in the Mississippi Mud

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Movies


Mud despite its title is pretty transparent: it is about love, obsession and all the messier variations in between.  Mathew McConaughey continuing his string of great performances in smaller, independent films plays the title character Mud-ied between romantic obsessive and obsessive stalker, somewhere between a tall tale and the cold hard truth, the perfect mirror  for the young teen Ellis (Tye Sheridan who played the older son in Terrence Malicks The Tree of Life) learning love in the way it fails (his parents are splitting), the way it hurts (his first love is just a tease) and the way it sticks wildly alive in the heart.  McConaughey’s Mud killed a person who didn’t respect his love (Reese Witherspoon playing elusive tease in Daisy Mae shorts, a shadow who can’t commit to the light but cries out her heartache at night in her solitary motel room) and the echoes of that act plays out in subtle variations in Travis’ life.  Mud has a touch of Twain and a pinch of Faulkner and much like a river that fights the city that tries to contain its currents a breakwater that is wildly its own.  Simple values colliding with the reality that is life informs everything in Mud and the result is a near great movie with the cold hard stare of experience.  Mud gets an A-.

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