Sightseers: Doing Fellow Brits In While Doing the Countryside

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Movies


In Sightseers Ben Wheatley’s (Kill List, Down Terrace) new black comedy about a British couple on a Holiday turned kill spree some of the finer distinctions of class comedy floated over this American head but not the rudeness of litterbugs who refuse to do what is right, the sanctimoniousness of the pooper scooper patrol or those who boast of their greater than thou achievements.  The killings remain drolly comedic achieving their punch line by not showing the dirty deeds just the looney tune sound effects and the bloodless reveal.  As the killings get more stylized and personalized between Chris’ (Steve Oram) murder the annoying bastards and Tina’s (Alice Lowe) thrill kill ethos, the relationship breaks down into a power struggle between control and chaos, between quaint British domestic drama and kitchen sink social comedy.  Wheatley, Oram and Lowe, who all had a hand in writing the script, unsuccessfully try to infuse reality into the surreality.  Instead of an added satiric sting Sightseers becomes a movie by committee between a comic, a tragedian and a politician.  Sightseers gets a B-.

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