Now You See Me: More Like WYSIWYG

Posted: June 9, 2013 in Movies

now_you_see_me_ver3If you go with the flow of magic tricks, deceptions, reveals and character twists in Now You See Me the movie is a nice little summer diversion.   Seeing the smoke and mirrors ruins nothing of the tricks since Now You See Me is really a sly commentary on the sleight of hand needed between screenwriter, director and crew to produce a reasonably entertaining summer flick.   That the real magic of the film is movie magic is the point, the trick and the reveal– that everything creative and all the conjuring is the result of pedestrian work, determination and perspiration.   The cast does the job effectively, keeping everything close to the vest until the big reveal produces the next big twist.  You either get it or you don’t,  love it for exposing the hum drum that makes the art or hate it because everything is included, even the seams.   Now You See Me gets a B.  

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