The Internship: The Rebirth of the Salesman

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Movies

The Internship

It’s a given that  The Internship is the greatest Google ad ever created.  What is not so obvious is that Vince Vaughn’s(who also co-wrote the screenplay) Billy McMahon has under developed currents of Willy Loman, Arthur Miller’s tragic character that represents the death of optimism and the American dream.  The surface details of Billy’s life– the lose of a job, foreclosure, the world seeing him as a loser– echo Loman’s but instead of creating a tragedy birth a comic vision that changes Generation Y and saves them from Lomandom.  The optimism and can do spirit shared between Vaughn and Owen Wilson playing the typical Wilson naif is The Internship’s saving grace for a revenge of the nerds comedy intent on bestowing the blessings of the American dream on the “google”liness of a generation that knows facts but not the substance of life.  Director Shawn Levy (Night At the Museum) is content to synthesize technology and humanity, the analog and digital generations into a comic formula that produces mild and comfortable laughter.   The Internship gets a B.

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