Man of Steel: Welcome to the Planet

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Movies


In Man of Steel Superman gets the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight treatment and his soul, moral compass and optimistic good heart live to see another sunshine day defending truth, justice and the American way.   The script by David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan  defines the battle as between Kal-El/Clark Kent Superman the good God-like immortal protector of humanity  (Jesus parallels are liberally sprinkled in the back story that is delivered in flashbacks during action set-pieces and moments of moral crisis) and General Zod the Nietzsche-like Superman, misanthrope and destroying avenger.  Superman must battle-test and earn his joy, optimism and benevolent moral compass, proving himself worthy of the Codex (the gene map of all the people of Krypton) imbedded in his every cell.   Lois Lane has a Pulitzer and the smarts that makes her more the Man of Steel’s sidekick (Robin to continue the Dark Knight echoes)  for the first two-thirds until love falls from the sky and demands the first kiss, making Amy Adams the only earthly choice and acting talent that can credibly pull this Lane off.   Cavill, a British thesp, does a fine job with the Super lead  as does Michael Shannon (probably pissed off that another Brit is playing an American icon) as Zod and the rest of the cast.  The effects and action are appropriately super-sized even though the battles start getting homogenized after the third go round.   Man of Steel gets an A-.

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