This Is The End: Rapturing the Christians Now and Jewish Canadians Later

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Movies

this_is_the_endIn This Is The End, the second Rapture comedy of the season (the middling Rapture Palooza, which also stars Craig Robinson,  was first) only four of the left behind make it to heaven– the rest are stuck in the hell on earth known as James Franco’s house.  The Christian right can rest assured that when the Rapture comes the left behind Hollywood not sucked into hell holes will bicker, disbelieve and scream and act like little girls when the demons start coming.   The fact that heaven can wait mainly means that heaven ain’t funny enough.  Too add an extra semblance of reality to the anti-religious festivities every one plays themselves: Seth Rogen the common dude and stoner goofus, James Franco the stoner philosopher and man of arts, Craig Robinson the stoner black hipster, Jay Baruchel the non-stoner anxiety pot, Jonah Hill the stoner new age pacifier and Danny McBride the stoner scabrous cretin.  If it looks sketchy and slightly improvised that’s because it is– this is the Apocalypse dude!  All hell is suppose to break loose– and most of it is wickedly and obscenely funny.   Michael Cera playing his meta self– a coked up and sex crazed addict who does blow is blown and blows blow on every face that strays by and Emma Watson, carrying an ax and defending herself from the very thought of manly violation, are the standouts who don’t get to stay in Franco’s place after the party is over.  This Is the End gets a B+.

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