The Spectacular Now has that 500 Days of Summer Charm; Ryan Gosling is a handsome devil; Museum Hours doesn’t look like a dusty relic; Burn: One Year on the Front Lines of the Battle to Save Detroit; Blackfish: the real reason to free willy; Thrillseekers: Indosheen the big budget fx channel film that you watch for free even though it sucks but never pay a dime to see; Get Married: the Indonesian film that listens to mom’s advice; 7 international cast and character posters for Man of Tai Chi; Planes: They fly with speed and altitude; Elijah Wood is the Maniac in the mirror

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Movies

spectacular_nowonly_god_forgives_ver7_xlgmuseum_hours_ver2_xlg museum_hours_xlgburnblackfish_ver2thrillseekers_the_indosheen_xlgget_married_four_xlgman_of_tai_chi_ver7 man_of_tai_chi_ver6 man_of_tai_chi_ver5 man_of_tai_chi_ver4_xlg man_of_tai_chi_ver3 man_of_tai_chi_ver2 man_of_tai_chiplanes_ver6 planes_ver5 planes_ver4maniac_ver9

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