Maniac: A Bad Taxi Drive with a Peeping Tom

Posted: June 23, 2013 in Movies


Remakes get it wrong if they don’t make you desire to see the original.  Maniac starring Elijah Wood as a knife wielding, scalping maniac with Norman  Bates mommy issues and an agalmatophilia (mannequin, statue, doll) paraphillia  is full of Wood-view tracking shots that homage Peeping Tom (in a way that show director Franck Khalfoun– Piranha remake, P2, High Tension– had seen the movie but never really understood it) mated with  Scorsese  style street life tableauxs  lifted from Taxi Driver– all designed probably to hide the fact that the Hobbit size Wood doesn’t have the one-handed strength to do all the dirty killings in Maniac. Wood is off-screen pov vo so much that he is almost not the star of his own movie.  But then this a horror fantasy that only bothers to slightly re-imagine the original plot.  It is easy to be a serial killer in L.A. if all the streets are always strangely empty.  The only thing original are the squirm inducing ultra realistic scalping effects.  Maniac gets a C+.  


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