Monsters University: Getting Through the FreshmanYear to Get to the Real Pixar

Posted: June 24, 2013 in Movies

Monsters University has a grace and knowing, an easiness as to what it wants to achieve, and how it gets there in ways that both fulfill  and resolve in unexpected ways  the genre objections occurring in the film-goers mind.  Director Dan Scanlon takes an easy familiar story of freshman outcasts getting the upper hand on their snobbish fraternity brothers and layers it with lines and scenes that are intelligent and wise in their execution and conception.  Scanlon gets all the details right from animation; the sight gags and jokes; the smallest body, posture and character reveals; the pitch perfect vocal performances; to always  staying on that perfect line between just funny scary and scary enough for the kids.  And most amazing of all, Monsters University teaches the adults and kids in a non-condescending way what it means to have an honorable conscience and a good and loyal heart.  It is not afraid to show its goodness or ‘monstrous’ frailties.   Monsters University may not be the best of  a long and honorable Pixar graduating class but it has the same great heart  as the rest of them and so gets a passing grade.   A B+.

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