Posted: June 24, 2013 in Movies


It is so wrong for a zombie film to be bitten by its own idea and go completely undead.  World War Z  gives us a great opening, two  great zombie attack scenes in the middle and then quietly goes dead as it sends Brad Pitt globe hopping for the answer amidst a U.N. sponsored coalition speaking English in impenetrable foreign brogues.   Pitt and the cast spend so much time  running away from zombies that it’s not surprising that the solution to the undead pandemic involves making themselves invisible to the zombie masses striving to infect them.  The zombie ant swarm effects are particularly well done, but the director Marc Foster depicts the mayhem in a bloodless way that deprives the zombies of the cannibalistic threat, the unspeakable mutilation and violence and fear of being eaten alive that makes them truly horrifying in the audience’s mind– less the little ones twelve and over have some very un-Monsters Inc (the University version coincidentally screening next door) nightmares.  In the inevitable rewrites and re-shoots that have troubled this production the emotion, sense of loss, the philosophical dread, and the sense of a greater political context,  got left on the cutting room floor– eating the movie’s heart in the process.  World War Z gets a B-.


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