Pacific Rim: Destroy All Monsters!

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Movies


Pacific Rim is what every fan boy who ever watched Godzilla rise from the sea and gloriously stomp an always reincarnated Tokyo has always wanted: an extravagant monster battlerama  done on a global scale with kick ass fight scenes that satisfy’s that inner child’s need for utter destruction.   Kaiju and giant robot movies at their best have always been about the lucha libre, the WWF, the sumo moment when one monster falls off the mat.  The robots have always been part of the kaiju/monster mix, but adding a resistant humanity that you can see inside the  clear visor of the mechanized neural brain gives this kaiju fest an unexpected humaneness that keeps everything in perspective: you may love these monsters with their greens scales, radiation breath and surprising oral cavities, but you must never root for them or want them to win.  A good Godzilla film always has a bad Godzilla and makes you feel sorry for those poor Japanese unfortunate enough to end up as toe jam.  There is just enough humanity to give a sense  of what is at risk here and enough setbacks to make one want to keep track of the score, plus enough anime determination in the form of Rinko Kikuchi in fine molded, sexy armor to remind one that Japan will and must be a part of all kaiju activities.  Pacific Rim never forgets the creature in the feature or the man inside that rubber steel suit.  It gets an A-.

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