Comic Con poster madness: Mondo offerings: Tom Whalen 60’s Batman, Drew Sturzan Dark Tower, Kevin Tong’s Pacific Rim variants, Olly Moss Miyazaki tributes, Martin Ansin Conan variants, Godzilla & Phantom City Creative Godzilla variants, Alien and Predator variants from Ken Taylor & Ash Thorpe; Gallery 1988: Anthony Petrie’s Sharknado variants, Mark Englert’s Kubrick satires, Plus Glen Brogan, Scott C and Eric Tan; Gallery Nucleus: Olly Moss does heroes & villains, Ski monster and spider boobs; Mike Mitchell does mushrooms, Jabba, The Thing, Iron Man, The Hulk , a scarlett kingfisher and superhero sidekicks; Scoot C does a pyramid house, The Avengers, the retreat & dogs being dogs; Acme Archives: Dave Rapoza and Perillo do Dredd & Comic Book Guy; Plus a Kevin Tong Metropolis

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Movies

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