The Wolverine: The Wolverine Gets a Manga

Posted: August 4, 2013 in Movies


The idea of taking Wolverine out of his Marvel-ousness and placing him plunk down in the middle of another comic world-  Japan and manga– is a good idea but the execution comes off a little sloppy.   A Japanese industrialist whom Wolverine saved from the Nagasaki bombing and Seppuku dangles mortality  in front of Wolverine and after many action sequences (including a dazzler done on top of a bullet train), lots of betrayals, Wolfie chooses life and just plain getting over  the death, guilt and nightmares of his beloved Jean Grey (played by Famke Janssen) ,and accepting in his soul that he forever  exists to slice and dice super villains.   Besides that mortality idea was just a bug that requires an X-men villainess to pull off and give the legions of ninjas and Yakuza thugs a less than 1% chance of besting Wolfie in mortal combat and classic fighting styles.   Hugh Jackman proves impervious to the machinations of director James Mangold and some awfully bad reveals to lead him astray– and has an adamantine  good time with the role.  Rila Fukushima pops up in school girl dress, lurid red hair and big brown eyes to give the proceedings some anime flair.   The Wolverine gets a B.

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