Transformers: the movie gets a Tom Whalen tribute sheet and variant, Mondo’s The World’s End Poster by Kevin Tong, Nothing Left to Fear: But FDR’s radio speech, Katniss and Peeta get a victory banner, The Grandmaster gets a nice farewell tribute sheet, Night Moves has a little Fredo moment, Algonquin gets all leafy and hairy and beardy and confusing, +1 gets a bad clone, Hawking gets a less than ingenious poster, Plus Siddharth

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Movies


The 1986 animated Transformers: The Movie is notable for being the last film Orson Welles had a role in. It also featured the voice talents of Robert Stack and Leonard Nimoy. This Transformers wasn’t a big overblown sfx spectacle like the Michael Bay directed ones, just a cartoon that stayed true to its roots. Tom Whalen has made an officially licensed by Hasbro tribute poster and variant for Acid Free Gallery that is full of fun details for those fans who made it a cult favorite. Head to or follow @acidfreegallery on Twitter for more info.



I usually like most Mondo posters but this one for The World’s End by Kevin Tong just seems a bit overdone. Too much vibrant color, visual film quoting and staring off of characters into the ether world. I like the one done by Alex Pardee the best.   See it here.


This horror film produced by former Gun N’ Roses front man Slash and featuring his original music is your typical horror feature about a family who discovers that their house is built over a portal to hell. Anne Heche stars as the family matriarch with Anthony Leonardi III directing a cast of unknowns that I am sure will be demon feed by film’s end. The poster is cool though, especially the dark angel motif that absorbs the background. Opens limited October 4th.

Hunger Games Victory Banner FeaturingKatniss and Peeta

In Catching Fire old victors are forced back into the arena.  Lionsgate is using this plot as a way to tease out a string of banners highlighting the sequel’s characters.  They’re starting off with familiar faces Katniss and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson). Fans can twitter their thoughts on how the marketing will develop by tweeting they’re guess with the hashtag #VictorsRevealed. The banner is via The Hunger Games Explorer.

the grandmaster

The final poster for The Grandmaster, the story of Ip Man, the master who instructed Bruce Lee on all things martial arts, is a winner. The decision to frame this poster as shadows fighters arched by a portal was a good artistic one. Simple eloquent way of showing how Ip Man’s legacy will be overshadowed by his students.


How can anyone see a boat at night alone on the water and not think about Fredo’s death in Godfather 2? Nice, evocative poster that plays off our uneasier cinema memories.


If anyone has seen the poster for The Odd Life of Timothy Green, about a vegetable boy born of wishful but barren parents, will be wondering if this is the adult life sequel.


This utterly unoriginal poster for +1 needs a critic’s quote to prove that the poster is not so original. Bad art does not breed good posters.


Proof positive that Sheldon Cooper was Stephen Hawking in a past life.


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