Latest Thor: The Dark World Posters Feature Thor and Loki, A Single Shot Sheet Featuring Sam Rockwell,The Austrian Poster for The Station, Plus Daniel Radcliffe Wants to Kill Your Darlings!

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Movies


The two latest Thor: The Dark World sheets will look familiar to anyone who reads Empire, the British film magazine. Their the cover art for the October Issue. Says Tim Hiddleston, who plays Loki,  of the relationship between the two adoptive brothers in an Empire interview, “It’s fun to play these opposites. Even down to the fighting styles: Chris (Hemsworth)  was talking about boxing, all right-hooks and upper cuts. I was talking about capoeira; there’s this sort of balletic elegance to the way Loki fights because he’s the trickster, he’s the deceiver, he’s the shapeshifter. Thor is a block of granite, or rather uru [the material from which Mjolnir is made] and Loki is like the wind.”  The two will join forces in the upcoming sequel to take down Malekith and his legion of Dark Elves.



A rather pedestrian poster for what look likes to be a fine film. A Single Shot stars Sam Rockwell as hunter John Moon who accidentally shoots a young woman while hunting deer and discovers a box of money near her body. He tries to cover up the accidental murder only to discover that the money belongs to criminals who want it back. Directed by David M. Rosenthal, the movie stars William H. Macy as the lawyer John hires to try to help him, as well as Jason Isaacs, Kelly Reilly (Flight) and Jeffrey Wright.
You can check out other cast/character posters for A Single Shot here.


The Station is part of the Midnight Madness program of The Toronto Film Festival. Marvin Kren’s Austrian horror film takes place in the Alps, where environmental changes create the horror. The translated tagline reads “The Glacier Melts, The Mutants Come!”


Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan are having a couple of golden moments on the first poster for Kill Your Darlings. The film reveals the previously untold story of a murder that brought together a young Allen Ginsberg (Radcliffe), Jack Kerouac (Jack Huston) and William Burroughs (Ben Foster) at Columbia University in 1944, providing the spark that would lead to their Beat Revolution. John Krokidas makes his directing debut on a script written by him and Austin Bunn.

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