Plush Trailer: Catherine Hardwicke Does a Sexy Blood Sucking Love Story of a Different Kind

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Movies


The soft steal from the famous Kate Hudson poster for Almost Famous, mixed with a hint of Kubrick’s infamous Sue Lyon’s lollipop sucking red shades sheet for Lolita gives a twisted sexy edge to the newest Plush poster.

Catherine Hardwicke, the director of the first Twilight film, goes back to her “Thirteen” roots and revisits drugs, sex, petty crime and total obsession.

Emily Browning (continuing to shed her good girl roots with bad girl roles) is the reeling rock star grieving the overdose death of her brother, the blahness of her marriage  (Cam Gigadent from Twilight 1 playing a a buff Mr. Mom, but latent hero in waiting, who is content to watch the kids while she goes off touring with the band) by embracing her creative dark side and her band’s newest guitarist (Xavier Samuel from Twilight 3)  until he becomes a little too obsessed with her creative juices and talent.

The collision of lower level Twilight hunks in Gigadent and Samuel’s into the hotness factor that is Emily Browning should generate passionate sparks on screen and mandatory Twi-hard attendance.   

The trailer is filled with obsession, sex-session and crazy stalker moments.   Emily Browning speaks in the slight little girl voice and  wears trendy big bucket hats that echo Taylor Swift in the first part and goes full blown half-punk (more like Pink than Courtney Love)  in the second half.   The heavily eye-lined Samuel’s comically echoes Adam lambert trying to go straight but not quite getting the idea.  No wonder Browning’s trip to the dark side is a short one.  

Opens Friday the 13th.  


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