The Book Thief Is Going to Steal Your Heart; Homefront: James Franco Protects the Homefront From Jason Statham or Is it the Other Way Around?; Ghost Team One Is Paranormal Activity’s Funny Latin Cousin; Computer Chess Has That 1980’s Atari System Programming Vibe

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Movies


The new poster for The Book Thief has the movie’s breakout star, Sophie Nelisse clutching a book as if her life depended on it.   And it could very well be, since Death narrates the story of her life, one filled with love for books, sharing them, preserving them from destruction.  Her adopted parents share her love (Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson), but extend it out to humankind, daring to hide a Jewish boy (Ben Schnetzer)  from the Nazis.

The Book Thief is based on the novel by Marcus Zusak, an international bestseller published in 2005 with over 2.5 million loyal readers.  Brian Percival (Downton Abbey), a notable BBC TV veteran directs from a script by  Michael Petroni.


homefrontAn enraged James Franco, the sparks and fiery glow behind making him look like the devil himself, stares up at Jason Statham, draped with an echo of the stars and stripes, clutching his daughter as she looks into a fearful horizon in the poster for Homefront.  Franco is probably pissed because Statham, a Brit is playing an American DEA  agent who has moved into his town where Franco is the local meth drug-lord.

If everything seems a little screwy, it’s because Sylvester Stallone wrote the screenplay based on the title novel by Chuck Logan.   Gary Fleder, a TV veteran, directs with Kate Bosworth and Winona Ryder providing damsel in distress support.


 Ghost Team One is a Latin comedy that spoofs Paranormal Activity.

Two Latin goofuses (Carlos Santos, J.R. Villareal) try to ghostbust a female’s they wish to admire house only to find out the Latina specter (Fernanda Romero) they are trying to dispossess wants to possess them to no end.  Harold and Kumar would be proud.

Ghost Team One was a hit at this year’s Slamdance Festival.

Found footages to a theater, VOD and iTunes October 11th.



 Computer Chess is a film about computer chess software designers who gather to have a chess tournament one 1980’s weekend ago.

Andrew Bujalski (Funny Ha Ha) writes and directs this feature about a time when technology and the human will seemed a little bit more up for the cooperation.

The cast includes Patrick Riester, Wiley Wiggins, Myles Page and the film critic for the Boston Phoenix  and film studies professor Gerald Peary.  The rest of the cast include assorted film editors, A.I. software designers, scriptwriters, artists and Bujalski friends and associates.

The evocative 1980’s style poster for Computer Chess was designed by artist Cliff Spohn who did the cover art for the first Atari system video games.


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