The Ritual Aint Set in Bates Motel; Newest Mr Pip Has Everyone in Great Expectations; Bad Grandpa Gets the Cart; Plus a Cute Mickey Virus Sheet

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Movies


The Ritual poster looks like a teaser fort he A&E cable series Bates Motel, about a young Norman Bates and his mommy dearest.

Nope, The Ritual is the latest horror feature from Mickey Keating, who deconstructed the slasher film in 2011 with Ultraviolence.  Love the nod, to Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.

This time around the ultraviolence revolves around a a husband who receives a distressed phone call from his estranged wife  and discovers that she has killed a stranger apparently connected to a dangerous cult.

Derek Phillips is “The Man”, Lisa Marie Summerscales is the “Lovely” wife, Katherine Skelton is the “Sacrifice” and director Keating is the “Excited Cultist”.

mr_pip_ver2I love the literal tagline since Mr. Pip really is about an English man who does give the natives Great Expectations— copies of the Charles Dickens novel that is. 

If you think this is an episode of House  (Laurie’s last great gig) going on vacation and getting all cynical and cruelly pranking the native children, you might be off by a degree of separation or two.  Laurie’s Mr Pip (affectionately named by the natives for the title character in Dickens novel) gets involved with the building of a school house for the children while a civil war rages around him and them.   

The poster is just average but gets props for making Laurie’s eyes bluer than the bluest blue and  for sporting a conga line of natives reflecting the various themes: studious solitude, joyful awakening, the plight of refugees and the terrors of war. 

Mr Pip is based on the Lloyd Jones novel and directed by Andrew Adamson who is responsible for the first two  The Chronicles of Narnia and  Shrek films.  


Bad grandpa

 That’s Johnny Knoxville in all that old age makeup on the latest sheet for Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa.  Expect him to do outrageous stunt and mutter seriously embarrassing things. 

Bad Grandpa has Knoxville and eight-year-old child terror Jackson Nicoll traveling across country and encountering America’s most average and not so brightest inhabitants in hidden camera stunts that take place in a male strip club, child beauty pageant, biker bars, funeral  home, and other places.  

Knoxville, Spike Jonze and the director Jeff Tremaine cooked up the stunts and situations for this fourth Jackass movie.  

Opens October 25th.   



The latest poster for the Indian film Mickey Virus has its star Manish Paul split off into nine amusing face variations. 

The Hindi population will certainly get a chuckle from the infections that satirize assorted Indian pop culture icons. 

The film is a tribute to the running man series created by Alfred Hitchcock which was the basis for Hindi films like Teesri Mazil.

The plot has Delhi Police seeking the aid of a lazy hacker to help solve a computer crime.

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