OldBoy Celebrates National Fortune Cookie Day With A Smashing Sheet and Three Viral Hotel OldBoy Parody Posters (Updated with three more posters added)

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Movies


Today is National Fortune Cookie Day and the marketing folks for Spike Lee’s OldBoy, a remake of Korean director’s Chan-wook Park trippy 2003 original, are doing a smashing and hammering job of getting the word out.

Shattering the fortune cookie reveals the inscrutable plot and mystery of OldBoy “Ask not why (Josh Brolin) you were imprisoned” in a small room by yourself for 20 years but “why you were  set free?”   Love the upside down Chinese food container with the hammer on top, a great multilayer visual symbol.

Also released are three nice parody posters, taken from the film’s FaceBook page, that feature Hotel OldBoy,  where the rooms are barely a step above a crack house.

Going to OldBoyHotel.com takes you to the film’s official website. Not much there except the original Red Band trailer, poster and Josh Brolin pacing about in one year iterations that depict his stages of captivity.

Opens November 27th.

oldboy-maid oldboy-room oldboy-medicaloldboy-viral-5-600x600 oldboy-viral-2-600x600 oldboy-josh-brolin2-600x600

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