The Nut Job Trailer Has a Gang of Squirrels That Look Like Easy Nuts to Crack.

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Movies



If you want see bank caper cliches done with animated squirrels pulling off a nut shop heist than The Nut Job is the film for you. 

Will Arnett plays the head nut cracker, Surly (and yes, don’t call him Shirley) who envisions delightfully  munching away a winter eating gourmet legumes until his stomach bursts. The rest includes his dirty rat friend Buddy (Brendan Fraser), his doe (not a deer) friends Andie (Katherine Heigl) and Precious (Maya Rudolph), his bff’s King (Stephen Lang) and Mole (Jeff Dunham).  Liam Neeson plays a villainous raccoon the gang has to avoid.  

Peter Lepeniotis a veteran television animator, whose short Surly Squirrel was the inspiration, directs.

Frankly, I get my fill of squirrels  whenever a new Ice Age sequel is released.  Nothing beats a good Scrat.  

This nut cracks open in theaters everywhere January 14th. 

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