Chris Pine as Jack Ryan Tries to Stop a Nefarious Financial and Government Shutdown– of the Non-Congressional Kind.

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Movies


It is an ironic tribute to Tom Clancy, the author of the Jack Ryan series, that the first poster for Jack Ryan: Shadow Report, featuring Chris Pine on one knee almost in prayer, is released the day Clancy dies.  

Pine is the fourth actor after Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck to play the venerable CIA Analyst.  The relatively youthful looking Pine at 33 is the third oldest of the group.  Baldwin was 32, Ford was 50 and the current Dark Knight, Affleck was 30 when he did the last Ryan movie, The Sum of All Fears released in 2002. 

Jack Ryan’s most dangerous weapon is his brain and he was  portrayed as a desk jockey who managed to be at the center of National Security emergencies.  

Kenneth Branagh, who demonstrated his brains with his much admired Shakespeare adaptations and his brawn by directing the first Thor movie, is determined to merge the two in Pine’s Jack Ryan character.   This reboot returns Ryan to his espionage roots where he is paired with a CIA mentor played by Kevin Costner.  Ryan is a former Marine recruited by the CIA because his brain power is needed to help stop a Russian oligarch (Branagh) from literally crashing and burning the American financial system.  

As if the current government shutdown, a stalemated Congress and the POTUS aren’t doing that right now?  Being a bit of Jason Bourne and James Bond, a kind of new-improved-intellectual-action-hero, maybe Ryan can swing by and both talk and slap some sense in all of them?

Jack Ryan: Shadow Report is set to hit theaters on December 25, 2013. 

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