Oldboy Viral Art Sheets Log 20 Years of Joe Ducett’s Captivity

Posted: October 9, 2013 in Movies

Spike Lee’s upcoming Oldboy is a remake of the Park Chan-wook movie of the same name.   It tells the story of a person who has been held in solitary confinement for unknown reason for twenty years and is suddenly set free.  What follows becomes both a revenge tale and a search for the truth. 

The obvious name change of the hero (Oh Dae-su to Joe Doucett) and turning a fifteen year solitary stint in the original to a twenty year one in Lee’s version are the only notable diversions.  The cosmic question of revenge and search for the truth still remain the central issue.   Extend the warder to God and the jailer to every man and the larger theological issues reveal themselves.  

The viral marketing campaign for the movie includes videos and posters depicting the various facets of Joe Doucett’s captivity.   Oldboyfilm.com, the remakes semi-official website, takes one to a wall of video monitors playing loop highlights of each of Joe Doucett’s twenty years of solitary.   And several viral grunge posters have made fun of the non-charm of Hotel Oldboy.  

Now there is a full calendar depicting Joe Doucett’s captivity from 1993-2012.  For the forgetful or the historically challenged captions tell of the one famous historical event noted for that year.  Most are satirical matching headlines and figures to various matching poses of Josh Brolin.  The attempt to paint a pained Josh Brolin as a bit of a historical everyman is a bit of stretch, but the spot-on appropriateness of  photo history to Joe Doucett’s agony always gets a wry chuckle.      

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