Avatar Theme Park Coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom 2017

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Movies


Avatar was a thrill ride of a motion picture and apparently the folks at Disney agree.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom park in Orlando, Florida will be getting a themed area devoted to the movie.  The attraction is scheduled to go live some time in 2017, right about the opening of the second Avatar sequel.   


The initial concept unveiled “imagineers” the world of Pandora as a walk-through immersive experience with floating mountains and a bio-luminescent jungle with  plants that dance with light and sound. 


Of course, a ride a Banshee experience is inevitable.  Expect Disney Imagineers to combine 3D technology in a grounding breaking and emotionally surrounding way.   Some of the concept art panels show a river attraction like The Pirates of the Caribbean and The Jungle Cruise. 


Of course there can be no art without commerce.  Breaking the anti-capitalist spirit of the film will be a “Na’vi” market no doubt featuring handmade native wares manufactured in the off-world People’s Republic of China.   Just make sure  you authentically groan like your under the lash of RDA exploitation (Resource Development Agency, the evil corporation depicted in the film).  This grand environmental statement will of course mean some of the destruction of Disney-owned undeveloped land and the relocation of some cutesy native species to other Disney parks or environs.  

Animal Kingdom has clearly struggled getting visitors compared with the other Disney Parks and the recently opened The Wizarding World of Harry Potter  at the rival Universal Studios theme park.  

I am hoping for the best here.  You never know what will happen on Pandora when Pandora’s box is opened.   



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