Let’s Get Ready for the Sing-Along Version of Frozen By Listening to This Version of Let It Go sung in 25 Languages

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Movies

What do you do if your Disney and you have a smash animated musical so successful that a Broadway version  is being produced.  You get 25 different foreign singers together and have them each sing a sentence or two of “Let It Go” in their respective languages.  It is Disney’s  sly attempt to take over the world by turning our children into polyglots.   This mash-up version is just as much fun to hear as the original  English one.  

On a Disney blog, the creators wrote: “Now when we sing the song at the top of our lungs in the shower, while driving, at the office, pretty much all day every day, we can also improve our minds by practicing other languages.”

The Frozen soundtrack is currently the number one best selling album on the Billboard charts with “Let It Go” being at number 25 on the singles charts.

Frozen is being released in a sing along version that is coming to select towns and cities January 31st complete with bouncing snowballs for those who want the true karaoke experience. 

At Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre, the “Frozen” sing-along version includes on-stage appearances from the movie’s Elsa prior to each showing, plus snow flurries inside the theater.
Read more at http://collider.com/disney-frozen-let-it-go-multilingual/#z7KoHKuFxRZSWjFT.99

For the purist, the original English version as sung by Idina Menzel is below. 

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