The Lego Movie: The Most Awesome Toy Story of All Time!

Posted: February 9, 2014 in Movies


 The Lego Movie is the most awesome Lego movie ever made!  And its theme song Everything is Awesome is the most awesome song about awesome ever sung!

“Blue skies, bouncy springs

We just named you awesome things

A Nobel Prize, a piece of string

You know what’s awesome? Everything!”

Well the Lego life that non-master builder Emmett (voice of Chris Pratt) exists in is one of the chippy but lonely and aspiring non-forming conformist, always a step behind the others on the assembly sheet.  Which makes him the perfect candidate to save the world from evil President Business (Will Ferrell) and his scheme to stop everyone from playing with his Lego’s.  Essentially every Lego movie tie-in from DC Comics, Star Wars and Tolkien get their modular moments.   Batman (Will Arnett, Lego Kit #6001), Superman (Channing  Tatum, #6862), Wonder Woman  (Cobie Smulders, also in kit #6862, face part 99868- later recycled for Satele Shan and Faora), Green Latern (Jonah Hill, Comic-Con Exclusive Green Lantern giveaway) and a Gandalf the White echo named Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman, #79007) all get prominent wisecracks and screen time.  The rest of the block characters can be bought in the 32 piece Lego Minifigurine- The Lego Move Series (Kit #71004).    It is about as close as to an unofficial Justice League of America movie  that will be released in the next few years, until the Marvel universes play thru their big screen adaptations.  

The animation style imitates the stop-motion action of all those Lego movie homages released in the last five years without actually using any physical Lego bricks.  Every things is Lego-ized even the water, fire and earth.   Yet, everything is a meticulously computer animated 3D echo of Lego bricks and assemblies.  It is like getting a Matrix spin-off as bonus subtext and reality.   Too even add to the Matrix-ology of the whole experience, actual Lego monuments made by actual Lego master builders get an extended end cameo.  



It is all constructed by directors Phi Lord and Christopher Miller (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, 21 Jump Street) to be as heart-warming and slyly manipulative as a product placement pitch can be.  Every frame is crammed with slick visual jokes and Easter eggs to complement the rapid fire verbal zingers being uttered.  It is family entertainment at its best with enough pop culture references to keep parents awake and more than enough action, colors and silly to keep the kids Google-eyed.  Of course, the movie knows that construction, destruction and wild reconstruction is the name of the game with Lego’s.   Like the toy, The Lego Movie is about exploring creativity and the nature of amusement.  

The end is more meta than mad cap.  Still,  it is the world’s greatest fan tribute to a favorite toy where both the conformist and anarchist can find delight in.  It is all built to fit to the scale of the human heart.   The Lego Movie gets an A- from me.


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