The Lego Movie Out Takes Sure Are Awesome

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Movies

The only thing disappointing about The Lego Movie was that it had no blooper reel at the end credits.  Pixar does it.  Every high-priced comedy with two major stars and a half-way  decent director has one.  Yet not these highly modular stumble blocks. 

That has been corrected.   The Lego Movie blooper reel is filled with out takes that didn’t make it into the final construction and those specifically made for this gag reel.  Emmet/Chris Pratt and Batman/Will Arnett get the majority of the funny stuff.  The bloopers even include Lego version of directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller joining in the laughs. 

The movie made $69 million in its opening weekend and neither winter storms nor Robocop or the troika of Valentine’s day romance/comedies opening will stop The Lego Movie from assembling a projected $45 million more.  TLM2 has already been announced by Warner Brothers.  

So give your number one a nice little Lego Valentine Kit (#40051) and snuggle up to watching this gag reel  on YouTube followed by binge watching marathon of House of Cards on Netflix.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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