A Map of How Hollywood Has Destroyed America

Posted: March 22, 2014 in Movies


If Hollywood can destroy it someone else will catalog it.  Reuben Fischer Baum and Samer Kalaf have watched countless films and scoured endless plot summaries on IMDB to come up with the 189 cinematic attacks that make up their Hollywood disaster maps.

It is a fairly big sampling but no means exhaustive list.  Excluded from the tally are small scale adventures and post apocalyptic disaster flicks.  Only disasters that happened during the course of the movie and involve the terrorizing of more than a handful of humans were considered.  Real life equivalents for fictional locations were also computed into the overall totals (New York for Gotham City for example).

The most disaster prone cities are not surprisingly New York and Los Angeles, which leads in occurrences of monster and creature attacks, climatic and geologic events (including space rocks), infections, as well as human and alien inflicted catastrophes, and superhero battles.  Los Angeles takes a slight lead when Sharknado incidents are included.

The data and maps were all posted at Deadspin.  

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  1. hybridZone says:

    sharknado made me cry in laughter, hollywood has truly destroyed USA am millions times over

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