Fantastic Key Art Posters For X-Men: Days of Future Past

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Movies


The last crop of X-Men: Days of Future Past poster releases try to cram as much X Cast as possible.  Only proving that the more is less when it comes to posters. 

The newest crop cribbed from key art portraits used for the production and design team try to take everything back to its simple roots, letting the compilation of images produce its own grand mental art work. They perfectly capture the movie’s both intimate and awesome moments.  Enjoy!

13621552775_5364cee770_b 13621553085_d07e25ca62_o 13621553245_ec36236377_o 13621571183_dacd5ea17e_b 13621571613_8461722a15_o 13621911334_7c71a4c6d8_o 13621911814_a14820cf1a_o 13621912014_bb37e8dd88_o


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