Back In the Days When Superheroes Regularly Were On the Cover of the Saturday Evening Post

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Movies


The nostalgia sprinkled with hints of the future are what give these Saturday Evening Post superhero and villain covers their charm.  The covers are the work of fan artist OnlyMilo aka Spain based illustrator Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos. 

The September 2, 1945 date  for the Wonder Woman cover (above) is known as VJ Day, the surrender of Japan in World War 2.  From there a story about a soldier, the super heroine who loved him and an admiring fan and possibly future protege can be teased. 


June 6, 1938 was of course the cover date for Action Comic #1, Superman’s debut.  The ego vs alter ego theme gets a nice portrayal with the addition of unsuspecting fans not noticing the real SuperMan in their midst.  The story: Superman returns to Smallville. 


Harleyquin and the Joker  make for a nice Bonnie and Clyde homage.  In  keeping with the World War 2 references, the July 4, 1942 date marks the start of the first American bombing missions over enemy occupied Europe. 


1966 was the debut of Posion Ivy.  This cover is a reworking of the origin myth with a touch of Wolf Man movie lore thrown in for some fun. 

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