The U.S. Air Force Really Does Have a Godzilla Attack Battle Plan

Posted: May 10, 2014 in Movies


Could the air drop depicted on this Godzilla poster be part of a real U.S. Air Force Kaiju Strategy?

If Godzilla or any old regular 100 story dinosaur where to suddenly become a real threat to Japan, the U.S. Air Force does have an attack plan. Beneath some of the droll tongue in cheek responses from the two air men stationed at Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa interviewed in this clip, is the hint that they have heard and talked about this scenario many times before.

Hey, if the CDC can come up with a manifest to deal with a Zombie Apocalypse, the Air Force can come up with a Godzilla attack strategy. It probably is even a gag scenario in some of the air combat simulators. The details are highly classified, just in case Godzilla acquires sentient human thought, the ability to read or even watch YouTube videos.


  1. hybridZone says:

    Wow someone is paranoid, but you never know what could happen

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