Maleficent Starts to Take Shape in These Pieces by Simon Delart

Posted: May 13, 2014 in Movies

Maleficent IMAX poster

I was thinking that nothing could top the above IMAX poster for Maleficent for effect.  I was wrong.  Simon Delart, a Paris based illustrator, created these minimalist and breath-taking portraits of the shape of evil using only geometry, watercolors and ink.  

Delart is probably the most under rated of the artists cooperative known as the Poster Posse.  If he keeps on creating great pieces like these, that should change.  Note the first piece and how it constructs magnificence from the simple placements of triangles.   The rest are nicely done variants on the four elements:  earth, air, fire and water as they intertwine with the “thorniness” of evil.  Even in the basic outlines we still place Angelina Jolie’s face in the forms.   

In an interview with Blurppy, Delart explains the idea behind the pieces: 

“I have to admit that I have never seen “Sleeping Beauty”, but when I saw Angelina Jolie and her suit in Maleficent I was really surprised. I found it very graphic and fascinating. The lively red contrast of her lips and her black suit reminded me of René Gruau’s illustration, very minimalist.”

“I looked for what could symbolize Maleficent, and the branches of bramble surrounding its castle are in her effigy, disturbing and dangerous.  Brambles compose her suit giving a minimalist aspect to the poster, but when we look at it closer, it reveals all its complexity.”

Maleficent Triangles

MaLEFICENT Gray VariantMaleficnet Gray Green Variant

Maleficent Red VariantMaleficent Teal Variant


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