If Disney Did an Animated Game of Thrones

Posted: May 21, 2014 in Movies

Daenaerys</p><br />


Here’s a series of illustrations that turns Game of Thrones heroes and villains into Disney style characters. It is more awesome than I was hoping for.

The pieces make me wish that Disney would start an adult cartoon division. Maybe Ralph Bakshi who is currently 75 years young and drew the first X (now NC-17) rated cartoon, Frtiz the Cat, a nifty piece of Sci-Fi toonery called Wizards, as well as a fairly decent version of The Lord of the Rings, could head the studio.

If it ever happens, Bakshi should definitely hire the two talents, Fernando Mendonça and Anderson Mahanski, responsible for this mash-up.

There is also a fairly nice series of Disney Princess/Game of Throne mash-ups done by DjeDjehuti (aka Sam Tsui) to draw on for character and plot inspiration. They follow after.

Tyrion</p><br />
Jon Snow</p><br />
Jon Snow
Bran and friend&nbsp;</p><br />
Bran and friend&nbsp;
Cersei</p><br />

Disney Princesses as Game of Thrones characters:


  1. hybridZone says:

    Wow just like I imagined

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