Grumpy Disney: The Cure for Disney Princess Fatigue

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Movies


Here is the cure for every one suffering from Disney Princess fatigue:  a shot of Grumpy Disney.  Stick Grumpy Cat in everything fun and shiny and Disney and the world becomes more stuck up, self-absorbed and WTF did I ever see in that Disney stud funnier.   These Grumpy Cat/Disney mash-ups were created by the artist TsaoShin aka David Proctor, an American digital artist who likes to blend oil paintings with modern methods. 

You can see more of TsaoShin’s art at his DeviantArt page. 

You can buy it here.

Evil has a begining and a no. 

Let It No. 

A Whole New No

Circle of No

Bella No

He Mele No Lilo

Part of Your No

Some Day My No Will Come

Tale As Old As No

When Will My No Begin

When You Wish Upon a No


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