The Kings of Cult: Roger Corman and Joe Dante Finally Get Their Showcase

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Movies


Roger Corman’s Studio New World Pictures was a practical film school for most of today’s best directors. Martin Scoresese (Box Car Bertha), Francis Ford Coppola (Battle Beyond the Sun, Dementia 13), Jonathan Demme (Caged Heat), Peter Bogdanovich (Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women), Ron Howard (Grand Theft Auto), Curtis Hanson (Sweet Kill), Joe Dante (Piranha), and James Cameron (Piranha Part Two: The Spawning) all made their first films under the Corman studio umbrella. While the others went on to bigger and better things, Joe Dante made a niche career out of directing parodies of suburban warfare comedies (The Burbs) and horror films (Gremlins)


Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles is hosting an exhibition, Saturday May 24th that honors these “Kings of Cult” with over 20 artists contributing original pieces. Most of the Poster Posse will be represented as well as Francesco Francavilla, The Dark Inker, Aaron Crawford, Chet Phillips, Gary Pullin, Casey Callender, Geoff Trapp, Hoang Tran, Jeremy Wheeler, Matt Ryan Tobin, Sam Gilbey, and Maxime Crouzet.

Online sales for the show begin at 1 pm Pacific Time Sunday May 25th. Go here for more info and to buy.

Artist quotes come from interviews done by

Adam Rabalais

Chet Phillips

Keith Carter

Florey (Glow Version)


Matt Ferguson

Matt Ryan 

Chris Garafalo


Nathan Chesshir

Andrew Swainson

Francesco Francavilla

Maxine Crouzet

The Dark Inker

It’s always exciting to be asked to submit art for a HCG show and when this one came up for me it was a no-brainer as to what images to do. I remember when I was younger seeing ‘The Howling’ for the first time, along with ‘American Werewolf in London’ they changed the way Werewolf’s were seen in the movies forever, it’s just simply a horror classic and I just had to have a go at putting my spin on it.

Paul Ainsworth

Casey Callender

Patrick Connan

Khoa Ho

I remember seeing ‘Small Soldiers’ in theaters when I was nine years old with my Aunt, cousin and brother. After the movie my cousin begged his mom to go to the mall so he could buy the Chip Hazard action figure. The movies tagline is “Choose Your Allegiance” and I didn’t realize it then but I do now…my cousin chose the bad guys. I don’t blame him since he was only five years old and despite the violent acts of crime Chip committed in the movie, he does look pretty cool. For this show I had a struggle between doing this movie or my other childhood favorite ‘Gremlins’, also by director Joe Dante. I guess I chose my allegiance as well…

M. Fersner 

Scott Hopko


Doaly – “With my piece I’m paying homage to a iconic TV show, the comedy genius of Leslie Nielsen and that flashing red police light”

Salvador Anguiano 

Salvador Anguiano – “I chose ‘The Wild Angels’ as a fan of both Peter Fonda and the biker culture. For the poster I wanted to represent the crudeness and raw energy of those old vintage movie posters”

Andrew Swainson

Nick Comparone 

“I’ve been painting almost exclusively literature adaptations this year—even within my group shows—and this was a great opportunity to capture from Corman’s classic Poe adaptations. He really made them his own while still building upon Poe’s macabre tales. I think as artists working with such well known material show after show, we try to do the same. These follow suit with my smaller pieces introduced in the Stephen King show painted directly on to pages torn from the Poe tale itself.”

Chet Phillips 

Francesco Francavilla 

The Dark Inker 

This was a triple hit for me I have a strange obsession with Ravens and Crows, I just love drawing them! and I’m a big Edgar Allan Poe fan so even though Mr Corman has a fantastic list of films I just had to do ‘The Raven’!! Both images were great fun to do and a real honor to be part of another wicked HCG show!

Official Show Poster by Ridge Rooms 

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