Planes: Fire and Rescue Gets 6 Nifty Posters

Posted: May 30, 2014 in Movies

Augerin Canyon


These Planes: Fire and Rescue posters are easy on the eyes, bright, sharp, colorful and are subdued enough to smartly highlight the beauty, the awesome depth of field and panoramic view that nature provides without the planes and cars over-burdening the frame. Bonus points for the posters that smartly echo planes in their natural features.

The first Planes barely made enough world-wide to eek out a sequel.  

The story this time has a crew of firefighting aircraft defending Piston Peak National Park from the ravages of bush fire.

Planes: Fire and Rescue opens everywhere July 18th. 


Whitewall Falls pISTON pEAK mOON LIGHT tOUR Grand Fusel lODGEgASKET gEYSER


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