Check Out These Cool Propaganda Posters for Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Movies


Last year The Hunger Games marketing department created some Teutonic/Germanic influence propaganda posters that cut too close to a NAZI edge in the way they simulated Third Reich info sheets. 

This year they are going a bit Cold War Soviet Union.   These 7 propaganda posters for Mockingjay Part 1 all have a retro-soviet vibe going albeit with a more modern edge. 

What makes these posters so cool are the way that they incorporate the area being homage into not only the scene but the fashion: the fisher women has a garment pieced from fishing lines and nets; the transportation worker wears pants made from tire scraps, the tech worker’s outfit is as sleek, clean and sterile as a microchip; the livestock wears a vest of goatskin; the lumberman creates an eerie portrait holding his probably self created wooden leg; the grain workers dress is made of natural fiber with scythed stitching.  The last of a child miner with its latent Norman Rockwell echoes had me not knowing whether I should laugh or cry. 

Call it low couture proletarian.   Either way, it’s cool style. 

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