Rejected Princesses: Women Too Awesome, Awful or Off Beat For the Movies.

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Movies

Rejected Princesses is former DreamWorks effects animator Jason Porath take on “Women Too Awesome, Awful or Off Beat For the Movies.” All of them are drawn in the Disney style.

Porath releases a new Princess every Wednesday at his blog site He is currently at dozen, all of them with bios that explain their mythological and historical back story.

Porath’s research binder is full of another 200 examples waiting to be illustrated.

For more see my blog.

Penta chopped off her hands rather than marry her brother, who was also king of the realm. The King punished her by locking her into a trunk and tossing it into the ocean. Penta floats from one misadventure to another eventually floating back to her brother. For the rest of the story go to Porath’s site.


Mai Bhago, is an 18th century Sikh warrior-saint and only survivor of the Battle of Khidrana.

Wu Zetian was the first and only Empress of China. She spent spent the bulk of her reign wiping out all the claimants to her throne.

For Lolita’s back story read the Vladimir Nabokov novel. It’s a classic. Stanley Kubrick made a movie about it.

The original Tank Girl: Sergeant Mariya Oktyabrskaya, the first female tanker to ever win the Hero of the Soviet Union award, and her tank, Fighting Girlfriend.

Sita, from the Ramayana. Bad guy (Ravana) kidnaps princess (Sita), good guy (Rama) goes on bloody rampage for years in order to get her back. Kills Ravana, gets back the princess.

Nzinga Mbande was the17th-century African queen of what is now Angola.

Pasiphaë was a mythological Greek queen. Her insatiable need to have sex with bulls led to the birthing of the Minotuar which Jason defeated.

Fredegund was a 6th-century Merovingian queen consort with a penchant for strangling people.

Corn Maiden can be found in numerous Native American legends. Her superheroine power: creating corn by rubbing it from her skin.

The heroine of the classic Toni Morrison novel: a sad story about how memories and semblances to them can be twisted into good and bad.

Hatshepsut was a Pharaoh who commissioned so much art work, statuary and architecture that there is not a single major museum who does not have some of it on display.

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